WiFi Camps is here to be your one one-stop WiFi Partner. Begin the process by contacting us TODAY. We will take some initial information to provide you with an estimate. Once you've decided to partner with us we will need to review your unique campground to determine final needs and provide your with your detailed quote. Upon acceptance our team will install your WiFi Camps internet equipment, test and review with you the components of our work.


Your Campground's WiFi is only as good if it works, right? And regardless of the quality of the equipment WiFi connections can be tempermental. As your partner we monitor your equipment and service from our office. We will be alerted before you or your campers may even know there an issue has occured. At our first alert you can be assured we are already working to restore your connection.


Changing of the seasons, storms, wind, etc all effect the equipment and quality of your WiFi signal. We are here to offer seasonal and annual packages to maintain your level of quality WiFi and make sure your campground is always way ready to exceed your campers expectations and experience.